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Chemotherapy Day 7 – Cycle 1

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Fitness and Cancer

Today was one of the longest days EVER!

I threw up again last night after I took my anti nausea meds, so that was crap. I had a broken, poor quality sleep and finally decided to get up around 8:30am after not being able to lie in bed anymore.

I took my anti nausea meds this morning, they made me throw up.. I threw up a total of three times today before lunch. Finally managing to stomach an apple early afternoon. After yesterday’s puke-fest, I decided not to take anymore anti nausea medication because it was having completely the opposite effect, go figure…

I feel pretty crappy, I feel nauseous, I have stomach cramps, I feel tired, no energy from not being able to eat anything. I had a shower this afternoon and had to have a lie down after because I was so exhausted.

Apparently a side effect of…

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Author: shabbirul

there is no royal road to success but after success every road becomes royal....best wishes for those who believe in struggle.

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